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About Us

R.D.Harding Lime Plastering is a family run business based in Hertfordshire, established in 1975 by fourth generation plasterer Robert D Harding.


Using the knowledge and skills passed down from generation to generation, R.D.Harding Lime Plastering is in the unique position of being one of only a small number of firms who specialises in all forms of Traditional Lime Plastering.


We are proud to have been preserving and restoring historic buildings for our many happy customers in London, the Home Counties and beyond for more than 40 years. If you would like to engage R.D.Harding Lime Plastering for your Lime Plastering project, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our Services

Working almost exclusively with Lime, we truly believe that our craftsmanship is second to  none. We carry out all forms of traditional Lime Plastering including, but not limited to:

  • Internal Lime Plastering

  • Timber Lathing

  • External Lime Plastering

  • Lime Washing

  • Fibrous Plastering

  • Pointing with Lime Mortar 

Why use Lime?

  • Lime mortar has been used in construction since ancient times (the Pantheon Temple in Rome was built almost 2,000 years ago). Therefore, quite clearly, Lime mortar can stand the tests of time.

  • Homes built prior to 1919 were traditionally finished in Lime Plaster. Therefore, it is important that these buildings, and especially the 374,081 listed buildings in England, are restored using the traditional Lime Plastering methods with which they were made.

  • Older buildings tend to move more than their modern equivalents. Fortunately, Lime mortar is far more flexible than cement based plasters, so is much less likely to crack when the buildings inevitably move. 

  • Lime plaster allows buildings to breathe, preventing the build up of moisture and consequent long-term damage to the building. 

  • Lime is much more environmentally friendly than cement based plaster, as it is made from natural materials and requires less energy to create. 

Notable Information

  • Having been established for over 40 years and with experience spanning four generations we can be relied upon to complete your lime  works to the highest standard.

  • We have Public Liability Insurance cover of £5 million. 

  • We can provide proof of qualifications and references upon request.

  • We will  always provide a written quote prior to starting work. 

  • We will only request final payment once the job is finished and all debris has been removed from site.

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